Cartier Replica Watches UK

I have rang my credit card company and they have said the £5.99 extra charge has been charged by you. However they are willing to refund me this amount. For the replica cartier you have sent, please view the photo attached of the watch I have received from you. The watch I purchased from your website is totally different from the one you have sent. What I purchased from you is Cartier With Black Dial-2008 New Version. You will note that the cartier replica uk you have sent does not have those words around the bezel ORIGINAL GAS ESCAPE VALVE and RING LOCK SYSTEM, you can clearly see from the photo of the watch you sent. You have sent me a watch similar. So I will be informing my credit card company this is misrepresentation and you have mislead me into buying a cartier replica sale that is not correct as your website shows.

After reading many reviews of your company, it is clear that you are not UK based and the cartier replica watches received by customers are not worth the money if they arrive at all. As I said in my email yesterday I would like a full refund and as this is within 14 days I am within my rights to ask for this. If this does not happen I will be going through my credit card company to take over this action. I also intend to warn others via social media sites around the world how your website is not a uk website nor does it sell the cartier replica uk that appear on your website photos, clearing misleading people. My credit card company have asked me to forward your response so they can take appropriate action against you. Should you not rectify your mistake. I hope you can rectify this soon.